Givens Control Engineering Inc.

About Givens Control Engineering Inc.

Givens Control Engineering began as Innovention Industries in 1992. In 2005, Innovention purchased Hamilton Instruments Inc. and was renamed "Givens Control Engineering Inc." in 2006. We launched our data acquisition product the "DataLogger CVF2" in early 1995 and version 3.00 of our plotting and analysis package "Analyse-Plus" in 2000.

Since 1992, we have provided Process Control Engineering Services to the pulp and paper industry. In addition, we sell our data acquisition products to many industries for many applications.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are users of our own products -- we use Analyse-Plus and the CVF2 to sample industrial instrumentation signals for our process control work (control tuning). This assures a more critical view of our products and more thorough testing. Our customers benefit from the result: fewer hardware failures, fewer software "bugs" and user-friendly software.

We released Version 4.00 of Analyse-Plus in March, 2003, Version 4.01 in September 2003 and Version 4.02 in January, 2006. Since we always begin using the next version of software as we write it, some parts of version 4 had already been used by our personnel for 3 years and so are thoroughly debugged.