Editing & Saving

EDIT Any data file can be edited after the collection to correct entry errors or add additional information. Any edited file goes to the top of the QuickList for easy access. Unsaved files are recorded to allow an opportunity to save before exiting and are marked in the Quick List.

If you import a file (see Bringing Data Into Analyse-Plus and Sending It To Other Applications) you can add details that were missing in the imported text file. You may also want to change the values of samples, if for example, the process was shut down at the end of a collection.

You can also change or add large quantities of samples using the Insert or Replace functions. These are Math functions. See Math Functions & Channels.

SAVE Analyse-Plus is built to handle large numbers of files (e.g. the Quick List holds 300 files). You can also save many files at once. (Files resulting from a collection using the Data Logger CVF2 are automatically saved; you need only save edited files or those created using the Math Functions, Importing or DDE Receive).

The screen capture at right shows an example of saving many files at once. When you click Save from the File menu, the Quick List appears. Highlight the names of up to 300 files in the Quick List that you wish to save. If they have already been saved, they will simply be ignored. This is one of many ways Analyse-Plus is designed to save you time. Remember, the programmers of Analyse-Plus are also users.

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