Analyse-Plus is a data plotting (graphing) and analysis tool to help you make decisions about variability, conformance, relationships between variables and controls. It also includes a complete data collection (sampling) interface for operation of the Data Logger CVF2, an isolated, portable 16 bit Analog to Digital conversion device. You can also collect data via DDE from an application running on the same computer as Analyse-Plus (e.g. Excel) or across a network. Or import ASCII (text) data that you have already collected.

The power of Analyse-Plus lies in its plotting abilities. Remember that the programmers of Analyse-Plus are also users. We've included the tools that users want and programmers don't. Analyse-Plus lets you zoom, overlay, pan and cursor your Time Series, Fourier, Integrated Fourier, Auto Correlation and Cross-Correlation plots. You are in control.

Plotting and Analysis

Bringing Data Into Analyse-Plus and Sending It To Other Applications

Data Collection Using The Data Logger CVF2

Math Functions & Channels

Editing and Saving

Computer System Requirements

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