Data Logger CVF2 Specifications


Although this information is believed to be accurate, we reserve the right to make changes without notice.

Interface: Parallel (printer) port of a PC compatible computer.
Isolation of Signal Inputs (continuous): 1500 VDC, 1000 VAC RMS
Overvoltage Protection (continuous):
      Voltage Ranges: 300 VDC, 300 VAC RMS
      Current Ranges: 350 VDC, 250 VAC RMS (sine)
Input Impedance Powered On:
      Voltage: 10 MOhms,
      Current: 250 Ohms approx.,
      Frequency: 2 MOhms.
Input Impedance Powered Off:
      Voltage: 68 KOhms,
      Current: 250 Ohms approx.,
      Frequency: 68 KOhms.
Current Input Open-Circuit Threshold: 80 mA.
Number of Channels: 8 differential analog (voltage or current), 1 frequency.
Analog Input Ranges: 0 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V, 0 to 2 V, 0 to 500mV, 0 to 100 mV, -5 to 5 V, -1 to 1 V, -250 to 250 mV, -50 to 50 mV.
Frequency Input Range: 0 to 30 KHz.
Frequency Channel Trigger Levels (approx.): 150 mV, 1200 mV.
A/D Resolution: 16 bits - (0.0015 % of range).
Sample Rate:
      Maximum: 1000 samples per second per channel.
      Minimum: 1 sample per 49.7 days per channel.
Maximum Number of Samples: 242688 samples for units with 512K RAM, 111616 samples for units with 256K RAM in on-board memory, divided among active channels. 4.29 billion/channel when streaming continuously to disk.
Sampling Synchronicity: Simultaneous
Collection Start Triggering: Any 1 to 3 channels with configurable Pre-Trigger Advance or Post-Trigger Delay & AND, OR, SEQUENCE or LATCH operation.
Analog (Hardware) Filters (Analog Channels): 2
      Fixed 4-pole, 500 Hz cut-off for anti-aliasing.
            Attenuation (amplitude):
                  500 Hz 34%
                  600 Hz 76%
                  1000 Hz 94%
                  2000 Hz 99.75%
      Selectable 1 pole, 4 Hz filter for voltage ranges of 0.5 V or less.
            Attenuation (amplitude):
                  4 Hz 29%
                  40 Hz 93%
                  60 Hz 95.3%.
Digital (Software) Filter: For anti-aliasing. Variable from 0 to infinity in 65535 steps. Filtering takes place every 1 msec - after the sampling at 1 msec intervals and before digital sampling to the user's sample period.
Range, Analog Filter, Frequency Trigger Selection: Software selectable. No jumpers or switches.
      Weight: 5 lb, 2.5 Kg.
      Dimensions: 12" X 9.5" X 3.5", 30 cm X 24 cm X 9 cm.
Built-In Battery Units Sold After Jan 1, 2009 (SN 1114399 and higher) or whose battery was upgraded to Li-Ion:
      Type: Lithium-Ion. (Does not need to be discharged before charging - no memory effect).
      Switching - Discharging/Charging/Idle: Fully Automatic. No user intervention.
      Capacity When Fully Charged: 10 hours of operation.
      Charging Time:
            Powered Off : To 100 % Linearly: 8 hr
            Powered On: To 100 % Linearly: 14 hr
Built-In Battery Units Sold Before Jan 1, 2009 (SN 1114398 and lower):
      Type: Lead-Acid Gel. (Does not need to be discharged before charging - no memory effect).
      Switching - Discharging/Charging/Idle: Fully Automatic. No user intervention.
      Capacity When Fully Charged: 4 hours of operation.
      Charging Time:
            Powered Off : To 66 %: 2.5 hr To 100 %: 14 hr
            Powered On: To 66 %: 4 hr To 100 %: 16 hr
Calibration: Automatic calibration of input ranges for each channel (with user-supplied reference signal) is built-in. The software to perform the calibration is not included in Analyse-Plus. Calibration parameters are stored in on-board EEPROM.
Power Supply: 115 VAC Adapter, CSA/UL Approved. 230 VAC Adapter available as an option. With optional plug, an external DC supply can be connected instead (18 to 25 VDC for units sold after Jan 1, 2009 or whose battery has been upgraded to Li-Ion, 11.5 to 25 VDC for older units).
Ports: 1 parallel I/O port for communication to computer. 1 parallel Print-thru port that connects to a printer to allow printing from the computer before, during (when in stand-alone mode) or after collection.
Signal Input Connections: Terminal block.
Analog Channels: Positive voltage, Common, Positive current.
Frequency Channels: Line 1, Line 2
Visual Indicators: 5 LEDS: AC Power, Battery in use/Battery low, Print-thru enabled, Collecting, Collection finished.
Case: Impact resistant plastic case with handle.
Principal of Operation: Microprocessor based.
Warm-Up Time: 10 minutes.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 deg C, 32 to 104 deg F.
Humidity: 80% maximum, non-condensing.

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